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Tyndrum Pottery
Handcrafted Scottish Pottery from the Heart of Argyll

Welcome to nicolaceramic, a family-run Scottish pottery located in picturesque Argyll & Bute. Our dedication to the creation of handcrafted ceramics has led us to establish a bespoke pottery/gallery near the village of Tyndrum, combining tradition with innovation. Currently, we live on a small plot of land while working on a new structure which will be our family home and of course, our new pottery when complete.

Choosing Tyndrum in Argyll & Bute was a deliberate one, driven not only by its inspirational natural beauty but also by the wealth of natural resources it can provide. Positioned within a geological fault, we aim to harness Tyndrum's rich mineral deposits to blend artistic expression and the gifts of nature, into handcrafted pottery with a truly unique style and provenance.

Tyndrum's landscape yields an impressive array of resources, ranging from wild clays from the glacial till to raw silica, a byproduct of the nearby gold mine. To complement this, we meticulously hand-pan alluvial gold from the surrounding rivers to include in our work. This imparts a touch of Scottish opulence to our creations.

Our commitment to sustainability transcends rhetoric, with a focus on locally sourcing raw materials. This conscious decision not only reduces our carbon footprint but imbues each piece with a unique provenance, providing a truly unique product made from a little piece of Scotland.

At nicolaceramic we have a passion for sharing our craft with others. Join us for structured classes or pop-up workshops at events and festivals nationwide. Uncover the therapeutic essence of pottery, a craft known to stimulate creativity, promote mindfulness, and alleviate stress. Whether a novice or an aficionado, nicolaceramic can guide you through an artistic odyssey.

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of pottery? Explore our Events Page for a selection of classes, festivals, or more information on hiring our mobile workshop, bringing the joy of pottery directly to your doorstep.

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